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I am so thankful for my sessions with Meg!  She was able to provide me with a fresh perspective on some of my most challenging issues/behaviors.  The best part is that not only did she help me re-frame how I see these issues, but she also taught me how to work through them on my own!  Now when I face a challenge I stop to think, “What would Meg say?”  I now have some new tools in my toolbox to help me assess how I am feeling about a situation and often I find that the challenge in front of me is not as daunting as I originally feared!   Thank you, Meg!

Linda F.


At first I was skeptical of working with a life coach, but after just a short conversation, Meg helped me to see the impact of my thoughts on my life experience.  Her thoughtful style and probing questions helped me to frame my thoughts and begin to make changes in my relationships to other people.  I now understand the power of having a coach to guide me to becoming my best self. Meg is the best…

Lynn B.


Meg is the kind of coach you want if you're looking for someone who gets to the root of the problem, wakes you up, challenges you, and helps you figure it out so you can uplevel your life. She does this all from a loving and non-judgemental place so that you feel safe being vulnerable. Her sense of humor doesn't hurt either! 

Yasmin A.

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